Ouzina Desert Camp

Ouzina Sahara Desert - Morocco


Our Desert Camp

Unlock a World of Diverse Desert Experiences with Porte De Sahara’s Exclusive Camps, Where Berber Tents Reign Supreme. Whether nestled deep within the Sahara’s soul or conveniently close to our hotel, you’re invited to embark on a journey that lets you live, breathe, and slumber like true nomads, ensconced within authentic Berber tents meticulously crafted for desert dwelling.

This remarkable experience is tailor-made for stargazers, celestial dreamers, and adventurous couples in search of romantic moments that will etch themselves into their hearts forever. Amidst the tranquil desert backdrop, the allure of our Berber tents transforms any night into an unforgettable sensation.

Immerse yourself in the magic of the desert, where the starry skies and the whispering winds create a tapestry of romance and wonder, promising moments that will linger in your memories for a lifetime.

Organization of camps for events

Porte De Sahara can also organize events designed specifically for you and your friends. So that you are also able to spend a wonderful experience in the desert in Berber tents. Ideal for all types of travelers, whether by motorcycle or car, campers, young people, gatherings of friends…etc…

For your peace of mind to say that our tents are designed to spend a good stay in the desert, and very comfortable, tents made of traditional materials and bought from the nomads who produce them, these are smaller and higher than the traditional nomad tent. In them you will be able to enjoy the desert in peace and quiet.

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