Moroccan cooking class in the desert

Ouzina Sahara Desert Morocco

Cooking classes

In the Sahara Desert

Cooking transcends mere leisure; it’s a source of relaxation, almost akin to therapy, and an immensely gratifying pursuit. The tranquility found in cooking is closely tied to our curiosity and eagerness to explore the culinary world, which is incredibly diverse. It encompasses a plethora of recipes, ingredients, techniques, and cultures waiting to be uncovered. As we learn new recipes and flavors, we’re inspired to experiment and create. Each culinary revelation brings immense comfort and a deep sense of fulfillment. That’s why we invite you to embark on a journey to master the art of crafting our authentic Berber desert dishes. Join us at Kasbah Hotel Riad Porte de Sahara, where our skilled chefs, who’ve honed their culinary prowess from childhood, will guide you in this flavorful adventure.

You will be able to learn how to cook:

– Tajine (there are several different ones)
– Moroccan Salad or Assorted Salad
– Couscous (is the favorite dish for Friday)
– Skewers (there are several different ones)
– Kefta (can be cooked in the Tagine or grilled)
– Harira or Soup and Sweets
– Briouats, Zaalouk, Seffa, Chebakia, Tea…
– Berber Pizza
– Bread in clay oven
– Méchoui (roasted kid or lamb)
– Berber omelette
– Crepes or msemen and Baghrir…

A wide variety of typical Berber dishes at your fingertips.

Come and learn with us!

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